Journal of Medical Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense

Peer Review

The Journal of Medical Chemical, Biological, & Radiological Defense is committed to providing its readers with quality scientific information and critical analyses.  The journal publishes original and significant articles that explore medical chemical, biological, and radiological defense.  Articles submitted for publication are reviewed by the editorial board to ensure appropriateness for J Med CBR Defense.  The editorial board is composed of the journal editors, the advisory board, associate editors, assistant editor, managing editors, manuscript editor, and web editor.  The editorial advisory board, composed of senior scientists in the medical chemical, biological, and radiological defense field, will choose theme articles and will indicate the direction of research.  The associate editors will review and solicit manuscripts and will serve a rotating two- or three-year term.
The editorial board will form general guidelines and policies to allow for consistent evaluation of manuscript submissions.  Associate editors will be assigned articles based on their expertise of the subject matter and a minimum of three editors will review each manuscript.  Authors may request or suggest potential reviewers.  Once the associate editors are assigned, one editor will be designated as the point of contact for the author.  The author will be able to check the status of the review process.
The editors reserve the right to refuse a manuscript if the submission guidelines are not followed or if the content of the manuscript is not appropriate for J Med CBR Def.  However, authors may appeal the rejection of a manuscript if the manuscript did not go through an external peer review.


Manuscripts will be reconsidered for publication if the author provides an itemized list of changes that were made in response to the reviewers' comments.  Authors may also submit a copy of the revised manuscript with track changes illustrating the revisions.  However, a clean copy with all track changes incorporated must also be provided.  One copy of the revised manuscript should be resubmitted to the associate editor who is the point of contact.  If requested, the author may be asked to supply additional copies to all of the associate editors who performed the first review.