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Journal of Medical Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense
J Med CBR Def  |  Volume 7, 2009
Submitted 21 June 2009 | Published 31 August 2009

Introduction to Chemical Armament in the War Against People
(the Russian's Tragic Experience) - Book

by Lev A. Fedorov

This is a series of chapters translated into English by Dr. Fedorov, who has graciously given JMedCBR permission to publish the chapters as they become available. The book is available in Russian by contacting Dr. Fedorov.

Please note these chapters have not been edited and do not represent the opinions or views of JMedCBR.org or any of its editors. These are solely the research, views and documentation by Dr. Fedorov. Please direct any questions to Dr. Fedorov at the address below.

Professor Lev A. Fedorov,

President of Union for Chemical Safety (Russia),

8-2-83 Profsojuznaja str.

117292 Russia, Moscow,

Tel./ Fax: +7-495-129-05-96 | Email: lefed@online.ru

Suggested citation: L. Fedorov (2009), “Introduction to Chemical Armament in the War Against People (the Russian's Tragic Experience)”, JMedCBR 7, 30 August 2009, http://www.jmedcbr.org/issue0701/Fedorov/Fedorov_08_09.html.





Dr. Fedorov, has long campaigned against the secrets and environmental health issues caused by chemical weapons manufacturing and storage in the former Soviet Union. This book describes the history of chemical weapons using information from Soviet archives (military, state, economic and communistic, etc.). According to Dr. Fedorov, all the material is absolutely new and unknown to Western readers, especially details of the creation and secret preparation of an offensive chemical warfare capability in the Soviet Union against an unspecified enemy. The chapters Dr. Fedorov translated and sent to us is replete with documentation on the relationship and interactions between the Intelligence service and the “Military Chemical Directorate”. While the translation is a bit stilted, the information is clear. The documentation of cooperation between the German and Soviet military to share chemical weapon technology and production is extensive. The sharing of similar information, including visits between country leaders to chemical weapons displays and testing, with Italy and China was more brief, but still intriguing. -- Library ASA 09-3


Introduction to Chemical Armament in the War Against People (the Russian's Tragic Experience)

by Lev A. Fedorov, Moscow 2009, Russian

vol.I, The Long way to the chemical war, 392 p.; ISBN 978-5-91505-013-5

vol.II, The Soviet archipelago of chemical war, 240 p.; ISBN 978-5-91505-014-2

vol.III. The ecology of chemical war, 384 p. ISBN 978-5-91505-015-9



The History of preparation of the Soviet Country to the offensive chemical war which has found all attributes of war total, to its citizens is not known.

The motor of preparation for that war was Red/Soviet Army, its aggressive and often irresponsible generals. Since 20th, and before military-chemical service, and before chemical forces put first of all offensive purposes. Becoming of the military-chemical doctrine occured in the Red Army in process of its development and a hardware. The only thing in what at _____________ and other bodies of military command were not any doubts so it with a view of development of military-chemical art. However, this circumstance was not known to a society never. It is not known now 32. Meanwhile expensive and diverse activity of army and the industry on preparation for offensive chemical war against people, vegetation and animals "the probable opponent" has the direct attitude to present realities. Namely - to ecological conditions in Russia and the countries, made mighty Soviet Union there is.

In this book we shall try to draw a picture of that senseless history. Unfortunately, scale preparation for offensive chemical war has appeared very ruinous for not too rich country. And it is obvious. However, it was represented important to estimate as well consequences for people and for the ground of our country of that preparation for unnecessary war.