Journal of Medical Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense

Guidelines for Illustrations

Since artwork submitted to the JMedCBR Defense will be published online and included in PubMed's data base, you must follow the guidelines for PubMed.

In order to facilitate this goal, the following guidelines apply:

  1. Figures, photographs, illustrations and other graphics shall be submitted as separate files from the text.
  2. High resolution, tagged image file format (TIF) is preferred. JPEG files may be acceptable if of high quality.
  3. File names should be descriptive of the graphic with a corresponding reference in the text. Captions should be provided in an text file separate from the main text with each caption clearly labeled with the corresponding figure designation. Please include the last name of primary author in file names. Examples: SmithFig1.jpg, WilliamsEqu3.tif


For a professional look, consistency in font sizes and color selection is preferred. Avoid using color alone to represent data; many readers will print your article in black and white, and the significance of the colors will be lost. Color may be used in conjunction with various symbols or shapes to represent data. Line art should be 600 dpi.

The following figure would not be accepted. The fonts are different sizes and lines are different weights. The symbols are also different sizes, and some are too small to discern.

The figure below would be accepted. All fonts are the same (i.e., both axes have the same sized font and both titles are the same size) and lines are of equal weight. The symbols are distinguishable.

If you have any questions regarding illustrations or images that you wish to use in your publication, please contact us at JMedCBR Defense.