Journal of Medical Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense

Editorial Policy

The Journal of Medical Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense (J Med CBR Defense) is a peer-reviewed scientific online journal that meets the demands for information on the chemistry, toxicology, and treatment for exposure to chemical, biological and radiological threat agents. JMedCBR Defense provides a single international forum for the publication of current research and development information on medical chemical, biological and radiological defense, as well as training, doctrine, and problems related to chemical, biological or radiological casualties. The journal also hosts an archive of related papers from authors in the field. Although articles will be published on the web continuously, there will be quarterly issues. The complete JMedCBR Defense will be published electronically and will be made available to the scientific community free of charge.

The journal is sponsored by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Chemical & Biological Technologies Directorate. The publisher grants the right to any users to make copies of the information in this journal, including text and figures, at no cost.

All submissions are reviewed by an editorial board composed of well-known and respected international scientists from different geographical areas and who represent different aspects of medical chemical, biological or radiological defense. J Med CBR Defense is committed to providing its readers with quality scientific information and critical analyses.

Contributions submitted to JMedCBR Defense must be original works of the author(s) that have not been previously published or simultaneously submitted to other publications. The author(s) must transfer the copyright of articles published in JMedCBR Defense to the journal. A copyright transfer form must accompany each manuscript submission.

Articles that are accepted for publication will be posted online after editorial and author concerns are resolved. The official date of publication will occur when the article is posted online and will appear at the bottom of the first page of the document.

Research Articles

Research papers chosen for publication in JMedCBR Defense must be original and must be relevant to the study of medical chemical, biological or radiological defense. The significance of the article will be interpreted by the quality of original or new interpretations of experimental data, or new theoretical analyses. Manuscripts that do not offer revolutionary information or do not enhance or reinterpret existing data will be declined publication. Articles should be limited to 6600 words.

Research Notes

A research note follows the same criteria as a research article; however, the results and discussion sections may be combined and the article should not exceed 3500 words.

Policy, Doctrine, and Operational Analysis

These articles address policy, doctrine, or operations of current medical chemical, biological or radiological defense. These manuscripts should follow the same format as a research article.

Clinical Articles

The clinical articles include reports on medical studies, results, treatments, and monitoring.

Critical Reviews

Critical reviews are assessments of specific areas of medical chemical, biological or radiological defense. The reviews are documented and peer reviewed and may be longer than a research article. They should not exceed 9000 words.


The archive section includes manuscripts that present information that is useful for research in the field of medical chemical, biological or radiological defense and also includes such content as workshop/meeting proceedings.


Readers of JMedCBR Defense may submit their comments on articles or topics published in the journal. Figures and tables are not accepted and letters should not exceed 600 words. Authors of the original manuscripts may reply to the letters as long as the replies are sent within two months after the letter is published.


Scholarly comments on specific articles in the research section are accepted. One table or figure may be accepted and the correspondence should be limited to 1000 words. Authors of the original manuscript may reply to the correspondence as long as the replies are sent within two months after the correspondence is published.


JMedCBR Defense will publish corrections to manuscripts. Corrections are merited even to long-published manuscripts if the author feels the error discredits the research. Corrections will be published directly under the article.

Copyright Notice

Any uses and/or copies of this journal in whole or in part must include the customary bibliographic citation, including author attribution, date, article title, JMedCBR Defense, and the URL, and MUST include a copy of the copyright notice.