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Journal of Medical Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense

Journal of Medical Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense: Contents

Volume 8  |  2010


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Volume 8:

research articles

. Effects of Fasting and Soman on Unsignaled Temporal Avoidance Performance in Guinea Pigs RA Gray and T Myers [20 Jul 2012]

. Comparing Quality of Life Between Survivors of Chemical Warfare Exposure and Conventional Weapons: Results of a National Study from Iran B Mousavi, S Khateri, M Soroush, R Amini, M Masumi, and A Montazeri [13 Sep 2011]

. Lack of Genotoxicity in VX and Soman-Treated Cultured Human Cells by Comet Assay Analysis | C L Gross, E W Nealley, A L Miller, M T Nipwoda, W J Smith [24 Nov 2010]

. The Crystalline Forms Of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles Affect Their Interactions With Individual Cells | E I Ryabchikova, N A Mazurkova, N V Shikina, Z R Ismagilov [27 Oct 2010]

 Tularemia: A Case Study In Medical Surveillance And Bioterrorism Preparedness | J P Dudley [17 Sep 2010]

. Biologically-Based Modeling Of Anthrax Infection: Modulation Of Macrophage MAPK Signaling Pathway By Lethal Toxin | P Robinson, E Fleming, C Hack, D Schneider, J Gearhart [4 Sep 2010]

. Fieldable Assay For Botulinum Neurotoxins | G Rajasenger, P Saravanan, V Lee, V Novem, E Yap, S Moochhala, L Hock, P Gopalakrishnakone [3 Aug 2010]

. Covering Sources Of Toxic Vapors With Foam | W Aue and F Guidetti [6 Jan 2010]

research notes

policy, doctrine and operational analysis

. A New Methodology for Estimating Blister Agent (Mustard, HD) Casualties as a Function of Time | D S Disraelly, T J Walsh, R A Zirkle, C A Curling [30 Dec 2010]

clinical articles


. Cholinergic Effects On Ocular Flutter In Guinea Pigs Following Nerve Agent Exposure: A Review | PT Williams and CJ Hilmas [24 Nov 2010]

. Ultra Fast And Sensitive Detection Of Biological Threat Agents Using Microwaves, Nanoparticles And Luminescence | K Aslan, L W Baillie and C D Geddes [12 April 2010]

Books & Reviews

. Medical Management of Chemical and Biological Casualties" by S Tonev,K Kanev, C Dishovsky [18 Feb 2010]

Technical Reports

new in the archives





. Jerry Donlon's passing | ASA Newsletter


Letter to Editor: "Discussion Regarding CBRN Training for Emergency Room Staff" | T F McLoughlin | January 2010

Responses to Letter: Assessment of Bioterrorism Competencies among Health Practitioners in Australia | A Dittner | February 2010]

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