Journal of Medical Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense

Summary of Guidelines for Authors

The Journal of Medical Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense welcomes inquiries from authors who wish to publish articles of interest to the medical chemical, biological or radiological defense community. Please review the material provided here and in the links to the left to familiarize yourself with our publishing procedures and requirements.

Submission Types

Type of Submission Recommended Word Count*
Research Articles 6600
Research Notes 3500
Policy, Doctrine,and Operational Analysis 6600
Clinical Articles 6000
Critical Reviews 9000
Archives variable
Letters 600
Correspondence 1000

* Word counts include text, references, figures, and tables. Tables and figures are approximately 300 words each. Longer papers may be accepted if the additional information is merited.

Copyright Release Form

A completed copyright release form must accompany every manuscript submission.

Cover Letter

A cover letter is needed for each manuscript and should state why the article is appropriate for J Med CBR Defense and how the content is significant to the field.


Manuscripts must be submitted in an editable electronic format. Image files must be provided as separate files. Please review Manuscript Preparation and Submission and Guidelines for Illustrations for further details.

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Manuscript

An acknowledgement of receipt of manuscript will be sent to authors within three weeks (for North America and Europe) or six weeks (for other continents) after submission of manuscript. Corresponding authors should contact the appropriate J Med CBR Defense editor if an acknowledgement is not received during this time frame.